André Rieu Fan
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Dear Fans round the World we will say Thank you so much that you all came to the André Rieu Fan

What a joy it is to see every day the love you post for André Rieu as well for George Rieu and Laura Rieu

And the big trust you give to us that makes us very happy. Thank you for  that.

We will Inform you with the news at the time it happens no delay.

And we will share the Love that André Rieu give to all his real fans round the World.

In our Group is no place for hate  not to the members and not to the Adminds.

André Rieu is  love and no hate. His Music makes all real fans happy

And when you are sick or sad than will help his Music

We in the Group have people that had Covid 19 and to hear every day the wonderful Music there become well again.

I will say a big  thanks to André  Rieu Thank you for the Music  that united the people  round the world


George Rieu